Jorge E. Arevalo García

Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Director

Jorge E. Arevalo García, eCombustible’s Founder, has served as eCombustible’s Chief Executive Officer and as a member of its board of directors since eCombustible’s founding in July 2019 and managed eCombustible’s predecessor company since 2012. Mr. Arevalo previously served as President of One Hotels LLC, a real estate development company, from January 2009 through January 2012. Mr. Arevalo also served as President of ICE Development Group LLC, a real estate development company, from January 2003 through January 2009. Mr. Arevalo holds a B.S. in Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami. We believe Mr. Arevalo Garcia’s deep understanding of eCombustible’s business, technology, and strategy, as well as his past business experience, qualify him to serve on the board of directors of BCAC Holdings.

James M. Driscoll

Chief Operating Officer and Director

With more than 20 years of experience in the energy, power generation, and renewables sectors, Jim leads the company’s commercial and operational development. Jim has more than two decades of C-suite experience, including serving as the CEO of Channel Biorefinery & Terminals and twelve years in senior management roles at InterGen. With his additional background in healthcare services and private equity, he has unique expertise in creating value and momentum across operations, commercialization, go-to-market strategies, and fundraising.

Karen L. Childress

Chief Financial Officer

As eCombustible Energy CFO, Karen applies her more than three decades of financial management expertise to oversee and direct the company’s finances. Prior to joining eCombustible Energy, she held the role of VP and Corporate Controller for Norwegian Cruise Lines, where she oversaw $6.1 billion in annual revenue and identified and introduced automation efficiencies. Karen also gained experience managing accounting for various stock-based and incentive compensation plans and establishing multiple financial processes to drive company growth while serving as the Division Controller and Corporate Finance Director for Starwood Property Trust, a diversified real estate investment, development and finance company with total assets of $10 billion.

Tedd A. Sellers

Chief Commercial Officer

Tedd is responsible for the company’s revenue-generation strategy and execution, as well as go-to-market approach. He possesses a long history as a senior manager in industrial sales, having served previously as VP of Commercial Energy and Industrial at BrandSafway, Global Commercial Leader at GE Renewable Energy, and North American General Sales Manager for GE Power. As a result of these experiences, Tedd has developed strong expertise in service marketing, commercialization, sales, and operations on a global scale and spanning the energy, oil and gas industrial markets.

Ramiro Guerrero Benitez

Inventor and Head of R & D

Ramiro is an inventor and a trained and certified electrical engineer with a lifelong passion for working towards developing technologies that can replace fossil fuels. Guerrero started his career in industrial electrical engineering in 1979 in Cali Colombia, and has earned 12+ degrees and diplomas in the engineering field. He has extensively studied and worked with internal combustion engines, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, digital, semiconductors and microprocessor electronics, and electrolysis.

Carlos Kiyan Miyashiro

VP of Engineering Services

As Vice President of Engineering Services, Carlos is responsible for developing and communicating externally the capabilities of eCombustible’s technology, while also optimizing the knowledge transfer between the Research & Development and Project Management departments. During the decade prior to joining eCombustible Energy, Carlos focused on developing energy-electric methods and natural gas solutions for industrial and automotive applications as General Manager at KAFTA. In this role, he managed new natural gas projects with clients across the transport, logistics, mining, and energy sector.